As the number of women motorcyclists across the world has been increasing by the day, so are their rides and destinations. Sheetal Bidaye, an experienced woman motorcyclist who has accomplished many solo rides, picks the top ten most important tips that women can use for a safe solo ride.

  1. Try not to attract attention. Choose your clothes and attire wisely. Proper conduct is essential.
  2. Stop at restaurants serving family crowds. Avoid dhabas serving alcohol and those catering to truck drivers, etc.
  3. Try not to get involved in conversations with strangers and if ever the need arises, make sure to mention that a team is travelling along with you.
  4. Do carry a map if you’re on unknown terrain/roads.
  5. Carry a snack which you can consume at a safe spot while on road.
  6. If an impromptu break is necessary for relieving yourself, park your bike on the opposite side of the road (be sure it’s on the same direction as the traffic on that side is facing), cross over to the side you were originally on and go find your place. Doing so, the attention if at all, is directed to your bike parked on the side which you are not on and miscreants if any, are automatically misled!
  7. NEVER accept any objects from strangers, especially food.
  8. If a night stay is required, choose the hotel and room wisely. Do not opt for a room with shared balcony or connecting rooms with an adjoining door. Do an overall check of the room and the bathroom before checking-in.
  9. Do not encourage room-service attendants to come inside the room more than twice and maintain an authority in your conduct.
  10. Always be connected with family \and friends and keep them posted of your route and your whereabouts.
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