Shubhangi is an excellent teacher!!! Very patient and encouraging. Gives time to understand things and doesn’t rush. I had a wonderful experience learning to ride from her. I highly recommended First Gear Women Riding School. Thank you Shubhangi.
— Prapti Mullaji

Shubhangi is an excellent instructor, she is patient and methodical, proceeding step by step, making sure that you get the basics of riding a bike right. She provides a bike to learn on so you don’t need your own to start learning. She ensured that I was confident to navigate the roads of Mumbai by the end of the course. I am so glad I found her! Thanks a ton Shubhangi for being out there for all the women who want to learn to ride a motorcycle!!!
— Aarti Berwal Singh

First gear has a very professional approach towards bike training. Every detail is thoroughly explained and demonstrated practically. Shubhangi is an amazing trainer and just knows how to motivate and bring the best out of her students. I would highly recommend this school to any bike enthusiasts waiting to make their riding dream come true.
— Purva Devare

Many more thanks to First Gear, I learnt driving before but didn’t have confidence but in 8 days of training I’m able to drive confidently thn earlier. ma’am has been an amazing instructor. Thanks a million

— Yogita Kurtadkar

Shubhangi is Extremely patient while teaching. Complete step by step riding instructions given. A big thank you First Gear for helping me in taking the first steps towards my dream.
— Shweta Bose

I would like to tell that Shubhangi is an excellent trainer.She is the perfect teacher for those who want to learn bike.
— Meghna Salvi Majarekar

Women are always been criticized for their poor driving skills and we’ve grown up believing this but Shubhangi ma’am with her amazing training is erasing of this misconception, she is a finest professional biker I’ve ever seen and is grooming lovely women bikers, so all you women out there she is for us.
— Priyanka Avinash Panchal

Shubhangi is very methodical in bike training, each and every query were answer regarding taking precautions while riding bike and even how to maintain the vehicle.I had great experience with her while learning to ride a bike.I am confident enough to ride my vehicle with all the rules and regulations to follow on the main road.
— Shweta Warkhandkar

It’s a holistic experience that gives female riders, the much needed confidence needed to achieve the goals that you set out with. The teacher is super professional and helpful and approachable, and I would recommend that every woman searching for a female riding instructor should look no further and join, First Gear. I’m glad I had this experience. I am glad I met you.
— Shilpa Shinde

Great coach and a good strict friend. Very motivating. Have faced many challenges in riding scooter earlier and never thought that, I will be able to ride one so comfortably. All thanks to the coach, who thought me so well. Very encouraging. She will never hesitate to point out your mistakes and guide you to rectify the same. Shubhangi, you made my dream come true. Thank you so much! Blessed to have a teacher like you!
— Vanitha C

The best training school for aspiring riders… You get to know the technicalities of the vehicle, how to handle it carefully, the techniques.. Sheetal is a wonderful n patient trainer.. very passionate about riding.. I hv got to Iearn a lot from her.. m so grateful that I came across First Gear.. My dream of riding is realised..!! Thanks a lot

— Namrata Sawant

First gear is an excellent and extremely professional bike training institute.Shubhangi is an amazing teacher and is very dedicated towards her students.She has helped me learn bike riding with great ease and has helped me gain confidence in the same. She has a very positive and uplifting attitude which has helped me not give up my passion of bike riding.
— Poonam Sharma

I had never been on a motorcycle before so I could not even consider myself a novice rider. Thanks to First Gear Riding School. Shubhangi and Sheetal are the best teachers. I was not as confident about my potential riding abilities but their approach was so assertive that I had no doubt that I would learn to ride. They are extremely knowledgeable, always motivating and very patient. The skills and info learned will get you on your way towards being a great rider. I had the best experience learning from them. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to ride either with or without experience. Thank you so much Shubhangi and Sheetal. I look forward to more advanced lessons, workshops and rides. First Gear is my favourite school.

— Reema Shah

I had this crazy idea to do a 3 month long road trip on a motorcycle through India/Nepal the only problem is that I have never ridden a motorcycle before so I contacted first gear and got in touch with Sheetal. I told Sheetal about my plans and she was incredibly professional and helpful and she was able to formulate a training program for me that would have me on the road in 7 days. We worked hard within those 7 days. I never would have thought I could learn how to ride a motorcycle so fast especially since I am a foreigner and unfamiliar with Indian customs in regards to driving but sheetal’s attention to detail, expertise and enthusiasm gave me the confidence to keep going at it.

Sheetal went above and beyond and helped me rent a motorcycle and helped me plan for my trip, sharing with me the best places to visit and expected road conditions/hazards along my route. I am now on my 3rd day of my road trip and I could have never done this without The help of Sheetal. Even to this day she maintains contact with me making sure I’m alright. So in closing If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle ask for Sheetal the best motorcycle instructor in Mumbai.

— David Abeyta

I had the best experience in learning how to ride a bike on the busy streets of Mumbai. I’ve not seen such a patient and understanding trainer like Shubhangi. She gives excellent guidance and boosts your morale like no one else. She’s a true example of woman empowerment. Thank you Shubhangi for giving me the courage to actually ride on the busy streets. I’ll keep up the riding spark in me that you have lit and once again I want to thank you for the passion you put in your work.

— Prajakta Desai

The concept started by shubhangi is such a unique concept.It encourages so many females who always wanted to learn riding.she is extremely professional and helpful and makes the riding lessons a pleasure to learn. Recommended 100% percent.

— Shilpa Asiwal

First Gear is the best place where your bike riding dream comes true. Sheetal mam is such a patient person who is ready to teach you multiple times the same rule until you get perfect eventually she makes you Know about minute details of bike riding skill. She is a strict but true coach. Shubhangi mam is an inspiration for every girl.I am blessed to have you Sheetal and shubhangi mam.

— Khushbu Suthar

Shubhangi is an excellent trainer and there is a lot to learn from her. Her love for bikes is very obvious when she discusses small details while she trains you. I took my first step toward scooty learning and I’m glad that I met Shubhangi. Thanks for the patience that you show.

— Jyoti M

Sheetal maam is an excellent teacher. very cool headed!! She has helped we learned bike riding with great ease and has helped me gain confidence in the same she has complete knowledged and share her knowledge with us


It’s a nice riding school. Trainers are very nice and with them I developed the confidence to go ahead with my riding passion.

— Priyanka Tripathi

Always had a dream of riding a motorbike and it came true through first gear. Sheetal is a very good coach; she knows her craft very well. Looking forward to future classes.

— Shiital Wankhede

I am glad that I took the decision to learn bike riding from First gear. Shubhangi is a great teacher and understands her students. She has patience and teaches the basics quite well. The best part is that she teaches on the road and not on some vacant ground. Though the road is not a busy one, it helped me to gain confidence to ride on a busy road too.

— Madhu K

Shubhangi ma’am has been the most encouraging and understanding. She has taught me how to ride with such ease & patience which made the whole process of learning even more smoother. Thank you so much️ Anyone who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle look no further. I highly recommend Shubhangi ma’am, she’s the best!

— Tanisha Shetty

A very excellent , calm, cheerful and always enthusiastic teacher I have ever seen….The best person to learn from and very good mentor too…had very good experience with her as I was the a youngest kid to learn motorcycle from Her ….(Trust me she is my only woman inspiration after my mom)

— Rutika Nimankar

Shubhangi is a very skilled instructor. She teaches us everything step by step. She has complete knowledge and shares her knowledge with us.

— Savita Bhagat

It was a very awesome experience to get learning from Shubhangi ma’m . She has a very awesome skill to give her knowledge to the student. She is a very cool minded person, so my experience is awesome.

— Kamble Kajol

Highly recommended .!! The way Shubhangi ma’am coaches is truly commendable..she is an extremely knowledgeable person,And she made my dream of riding a bike come true. Thank you master !!

— Komal Pardeshi